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The production friendly concept of the modulux LED curing units allows you to configure your web press according to your requirements. You can choose all the equipment you need to fully configure your web press from our catalogue. Choose either the basic modulux set-up or customise it with additional accessories and components, you can even add the complete technical integration as well as installation services
– all at a reasonable price – it's up to you!

feature overview

  • Easy Integration with standardised brackets
  • Rock solid with long lifetime up to 30,000 h
  • Lamp length up to 720 mm scalable in 24 mm steps
  • Powerful intensity up to 25 W/cm²

Traditional UV suppliers cannot match the savings

Choose from our affordable
modulux LED packages

  • No hidden costs Only pay for the equipment you need
  • Price transparency Our configurator shows you a final price for your individual LED system (Login necessary)
  • From a single LED unit
    to a complete system
    Get a complete system up to service installations by IST Metz
  • Be smart, buy smart. Use the fast and easy online configurator form to place your order

Need to speed up?

Do it with modulux!

  • no warm-up / cool-down times, ready to go
  • over 30,000 hours lifetime of LEDs
  • Instant on/off no energy use in stand-by mode
  • minimal thermal impact on the film and the machine
  • environment friendly no ozone and no mercury
  • 30-60 % less LEDs to achieve the same UV curing radiant intensity (than other systems)
  • maximum peak intensity in comparison to other systems
  • 30-50 % higher radiant intensity at same distance (than other systems)

Your application – your modulux

Equip your web press with a highly productive LED system

You can equip nearly every web press with a high performance modulux curing system, whether it is a narrow or mid-web process. Due to the modular design (also with optional components), the modulux unit will suit your every need.

Narrow web printing

  • Seamless LED integration after each station
  • Various labelling substrates are possible: from paper to shrink sleeves to unsupported films to metallic foil or even heat-sensitive materials like synthetics
  • High speed up to 200 m/min (650 ft/min)

Easy and low-cost integration

Purchase just the modulux LED components that you need for a tailored press integration. This saves you money on unnecessary accessories, services or components that you actually don't need.

Fit and forget

Be surprised by an excellent lifetime

Technical features such as, heat management, packing technology and the use of tailored driving technology ensure that the lifetime of modulux LED units exceeds. Unlike UV lamp technology, modulux LEDs can be switched on/off immediately which increases the lifetime and reduces energy costs in stand-by mode. modulux LED curing units offer superior uniformity and a more reliable production process in contrast to UV lamps.

  • > 30,000 h
  • instant
  • less LEDs

High quality with a reasonable price

use a modulux curing system
and benefit from:

  • an inexpensive system
  • short lead times
  • effective curing
  • low heat input
  • brilliant results

Smart Heat Management

with pure water-cooling

In general, LEDs generate a high heat load during operation, which is the main cause of lifetime reduction. That's why an excellent heat management design is so important to reduce the working temperature of the chips as far as possible.

Aligning the LEDs directly on the circuit boards, is still the best packing method, which will minimize the heat transfer. By adopting very high thermal conductivity materials in conjunction with water cooling, stable and precise output can be provided by the ideal working temperature of the chips, within 15–25 °C, that leads to a LED lifetime over 30,000 hours.

Optical design
The optics are made of lenses that are specially designed for labelling and allow a high UV output on the substrate. The core optical design scheme with a uniform continuous spot strip can effectively increase the peak intensity of the spectrum to 120–200 % of the 395 nm (standard) band of the mercury lamp.

  • Optics designed for a high and efficient UV output
  • LEDs the heat source
  • Soldering layer 56–62 W/mK, thickness 5–15 µm
  • Circuit layer 320–350 W/mK, thickness 40–70 µm
  • AIN layer 175–200 W/mK, thickness 0.5–0.8 mm
  • Gap filling layer 4.5 W/mK, thickness < 1 µm
  • Heat sink

Need the hard facts?

Here you go!

attribute value
Power level 90 W/cm
Radiant Intensity 25 W/cm²
Dose @ 100 m/min 220 mJ/cm² *
Operating Temperature 15–25 °C
Cooling water-cooled
Max. supported speed up to 200 meter/min in Flexo
Dimmability 20–100 % // 1 %-steps
Run-up time < 1 s
Remote monitoring available
LED lifetime > 30,000 hours
Wavelength 395 nm (standard) other wavelength available on request
UV LED varnish support excellent
UV LED Metal Ink support excellent
*measured with UV Analyzer
Specifications may be changed and are different with actual products

High 5!

Reasons to buy

  1. More choices with cooLED prices
    Use the modular concept to configure your low-cost LED UV curing system. Choose either the basic modulux unit or customize it with additional accessories and components, including the technical installation from IST Metz – all at a reasonable price.
  2. Tailored equipment
    Pay only the accessories and services you really need. Our configurator shows you hardware and optional service packages.
  3. Cost-efficient and energy saving
    A reduced use of LEDs at a higher peak and radiant intensity, make the modulux unit a highly efficient LED curing system and with the instant on/off function there is no energy use in stand-by mode.
  4. Various applications possible
    Due to the modular design, you can equip nearly every web press with a high performance modulux curing system, that will suit your every need.
  5. High quality system
    With low investment costs - you will benefit from all the advantages of the latest LED curing technology.
modulux compared to competition

From UV unit to complete system

Build your own LED UV curing system!

The modulux system can be supplied as fully configured package including cables, power supply, control and chiller, full light shielding and interlocking for total safety compliance. There is everything you need to equip and run your press, including the technical installation by IST Metz.

You need only the LED unit?
No problem at all. All components can also be ordered separately.

Save time. Save money.

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